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Art makes us happy! Create & Celebrate!

Kids Art Class


At Splat, our art classes are designed with a passion for art to develop & inspire our student's imagination. We teach the "process" not just the "product". Students take their time, use their senses & enjoy the art experience. Students are encouraged to see with their eyes & translate with their hands. Our art activities engage not just the creative part of the child's brain, but also in a cognitive process that involves reasoning, imagining, exploring, experimenting & problem solving. Students will be provided with instruction that incorporates art history & art theories using a variety of art materials. We want our our students to be inspired by the studio environment & feel comfortable & confident while stretching themselves as artists. We truly believe that every child is an artist & it is a privilege to be able to help foster their creative growth.

Students will explore all types of art mediums using only the finest materials-watercolors, colored pencils, charcoals, acrylics, oil pastels & paper mache. All art supplies included in with tuition.

A SIDE NOTE: All our classes are student drop off. It is a kid zone, parent free art studio. Sorry no "hanger outers". This helps with focus & our artists to feel comfortable in their studio space. Thank you for your understanding. 


  1. Scroll to see which class is your child fits into. We go by grades.
  2. Click on PAYMENT button below class of choice.
  3. Receive a PayPal reciept followed by a Splat email confirmation

Payment must be received to secure spot.
Once your artist is enrolled, you will have first pick to enroll in the following session.

If a class is full, be sure to email us & we will be happy to add you to our wait list. Let us know your artist's name, age, grade & which class you are interested in. As soon as we got an opening, we will contact you. YES, add us to waitlist!

What to bring? A smile & clothes that can get paint on them! 

All high quality art supplies are included!!!!

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Wondering which class is best for your 5th grader? 

Both classes focus on fine arts. Lil Picasso does offers more art projects with condensed lesson plans focus is on a strong foundation.  

Kahlo Kids art projects focus on more details, longer lectures & students spend more time on each project. 

Recommended for advanced 5th graders.

Session 1: Sept 26-Oct 24/ 5 classes $175 (no class Oct 5) FULL

Session 2: Nov 7-Dec 19/ 6 classes $210 (no class Nov 28) FULL

Session 1: Sept 21-Nov 2/ 6 classes $210 (no class Oct 5)

Session 2: Nov 9-Dec 21/ 6 classes $210 (no class Nov 30)

Session 1: Sept 25-Oct 30/ 6 classes $210 FULL

Session 2: Nov 6-Dec 18/ 6 classes $210 (no class Nov 27) FULL

Session 1: Sept 21-Nov 2/ 6 classes $210 (no class Oct 5) FULL

Session 2: Nov 9-Dec 21/ 6 classes $210 (no class Nov 30) FULL

Mondrian Masters is for advanced driven artists with a vision who want to work independently. They lead the art projects, while being guided & encouraged. Their subject idea-our inspiration & knowledge. Students are recommended to have a strong art foundation.

Session 1: Sept 25-Oct 30/ 6 classes $210 

Session 2: Nov 6-Dec 18/ 6 classes $210 (no class Nov 27)